Iskustva posjetitelja

Whether you an accomplished rider or a novice this is somewhere you should go, if you have a love of the great outdoors and horse riding. It has great facility's and some wonderful horses that are great with children as well as adults. You can also relax and get a coffee or even something to eat.

Martin W,

I'm happy to recommend this different kind of experience for ppl travelling to Sarajevo! You also see a whole other viewpoint to the city, and get to experience the surrounding nature, such a beautiful place.

The horses seemed to be well-kept and the instructors gave it some thought to figure out which would be suitable horses for us and would also work well together. The staff were super helpful and offered us the contact information of other stables nearby as well in case we wouldn't be able to find a free time slot during our stay.

The ride itself was quite calm since one of us was a beginner and the other an infrequent rider 😉 we started off by getting to know the horses, grooming & saddling them and moving around nearby the stables before going further. The views from up the hill are lovely and the trip was really safe. As the instructors put it, the safety comes first and if you're looking for a more crazy/wild ride as a beginner then you should probably pick another place (as apparently there are those ones too)!

Thank you Tanya & Nina, Dexter & Gypsy! It was lovely meeting you, hope to come back sometime!

P.S. You might find it interesting to check out the descriptions of the characters of the horses on the site! 🙂

KukkaL, Helsinki, Finland