Iskustva posjetitelja

Mjesto gdje zaboravite sve i uzivate u konjima prirodi i super raji.

Tonijo Mandal, Pinellas Park, Florida

Topla preporuka svim roditeljima čija djeca vole životinje i slobodan stil života! Prekrasan ambijent, divni učitelji jahanja, sjajan ugođaj za roditelje... Sve pohvane Eminu, Tanji i ekipi.... Pegasos rules!

Ognjen Džinić, Sarajevo

Pegasos is as well organized and professionally run as the farms that I have ridden with in the USA. They have a nice outdoor ring with good footing, many safe horses, and all the equipment you need (tack, helmets, etc.) The fact that you have a stunning view of the city below and the surrounding mountains while in the ring is an added bonus. Pegasos is also great for beginners-- I've brought a few friends with me, and they were able to learn riding fundamentals and enjoy an afternoon on horseback. It's a bit difficult to get there without a car, but not impossible, and the staff (who speak excellent English) can offer helpful suggestions regarding how to get there. If you are in Sarajevo and you ride or want to learn how to ride, call Pegasos.

Great place: horses and stables were all in really good condition and instructor was friendly and spoke good english. You could see from the horses right away that they really trust people and are taken care just like they should. We took a 2 hour lesson with my boyfriend who is a beginner and instructor was teaching him the basics at the riding arena, while i was able to get familiar with horse i rode and do differend things with him at the same time. Then we took an hour ride (of course had to do it easy because of my boyfriend) in amazing landscapes. Instructor was happy to answer my questions about Bosnian riding culture and breeds at the same time. I must say, that horses are really well trained to work with differend kinds of people: there wasn`t a single problem during the trail ride even when there was one beginner along and we had to pass couple of cars and a tractor.

At the end i must say, that it was a pleasure to ride a bosnian mountain horse individual: a breed that is annoyingly rare these days, but seemed to be really helthy structured and have a good temper. Warm thanks! Sure i`ll be back as soon as i will be back to Sarajevo again.

HerttaN, Joensuu, Eastern Finland