Driving directions

Follow the main dual carriageway from Sarajevo center towards Ilidza. Take the exit signposted “airport, Rajlovac” just before a bridge overpass.

You will continue bearing right onto another section of dual carriageway. Continue on this road until you reach a roundabout, travel all the way around the roundabout to go back on the opposite side of the dual carriageway heading towards the airport and Centar. Some half a kilometre or so along this stretch of dual carriageway, is a right turn just before a mosque, take this turning. You may already have seen the mosque on your left when you previously joined this stretch of road initially, travelling in the opposite direction.  At the end of this road you have a priority turning to the right, follow the priority and continue along this road.

Carry on and stay on this road, it will take you under a railway bridge, past some industrial units on your right and reach a cross roads with traffic lights with a petrol station named TML on your right. Keep straight on the same road through the traffic lights, the road eventually becomes very straight and flat with fields on either side.

You will then approach a built up area where the priority road turns sharply to the right, on your left side there will be a small supermarket, just on the bend. Follow this road until you cross a small bridge where the road bears round and up to the right it also goes uphill to the left, take the left turn up the hill. This road becomes flatter further up and on your left there is a school and a small store on your right opposite the school, shortly after this the road begins to go uphill again. Between the school the supermarket and the uphill section there are 3 speed bumps.

Follow the road uphill, it makes a “swan neck” turn further up and you must take the first right then immediate right again, a sign post will be marked Ahatovici, this road continues up, remain on this road it will make a sharp right hand turn and flatten out a little before taking a sharp left hand turn carrying on up the hill. (You will see across the valley with Sarajevo in the distance on your right hand side, if the visibility is good).

After the sharp left turn and about 150 to 200 m you should see a green shaded fence with a grey colored gate on your right hand side this is the entrance to the Pegasos Center. There is a small car park just beyond the main gate and outside the fence.