About the Center

About the Center

“Pegasos was created through our desire to live and do what we love, and to share it with others. That is how we combined horses and nature with sport, recreation and a healthy lifestyle, and created different programs in which anyone can discover something for themselves.”

The Equestrian and Recreation Center Pegasos is home to four different associations, each of them special in their own way.

  • “Unlimited” Recreation Program is a combination of riding, mountaineering, hiking and camping in tents during the summer, and skiing and skijoring during the winter through Unlimited camps, recreational lessons and horseback riding school, parties and birthday celebrations, as well as many other programs for all ages.
  • Equestrian Club “Pegasos” unites all the members of various age groups, who train and prepare for competition in dressage, show jumping and endurance tournaments.
  • Riders of Hope Association is an NGO founded in the U.S.A. and BiH with the primary goal of creating therapeutic programs for children and adults with disabilities.
  • Sports & Mountaineering Club “No Limit” is a resourceful source of any sport and recreational programs. These programs involve children, youth, older and elderly people, and all equally enjoy in the provided activities, through mountaineering, alpinism, rock climbing, mountain rescue, speleology, skiing, diving, ecology and mountain biking.

Experienced and certified instructors, experts in their field of practice, lead all programs.

Located in a peaceful and natural environment, but still within a 20-minute drive from the city, the Center offers a unique feeling of connection to nature. Abundant country and forest paths offer both riders and walkers exactly what they need – active rest in clean air; covering 14 dunums of land, surrounded by marvelous scenery with an amazing view of Sarajevo.

Horse stable, pastures, wash stalls, tack rooms, office and resting place are all designed in a natural and minimalistic style, which breathes out simplicity and promises to become an oasis for all horse lovers. Each stall is 3x3m, with a natural flooring and easy access to arenas and pastures. There are currently 15 horses in our stable.

Riding arena (40x20m) is placed at the center of the Pegasos, and that is where you will find the riders most of the time. It is suitable for lessons of all kinds, dressage and show jumping, and hosting tournaments. Next to it is closed riding arena (20x20m). The smaller round pen, 16 meters wide is located behind the stables and is usually used for training the horses, therapeutic riding and lessons for beginners.

Equestrian lodge has 20 sleeping places, and up to 30 places for eating or various types of socialization and events. It’s decorated with a warm mountain style, and visitors can help themselves to various board games, or free Wi-Fi. During the weekend visitors can order warm and cold drinks, as well as Aunt Safija’s delicious homemade beans, pies and pastries.