"Dare to be different"
Horses, riding, rock climbing, hiking or an irresistible mix of all.

KK Pegasos

"Born to ride"
Ride, train, compete, learn and progress.

Riders of Hope

Professional therapeutic riding program
offering a unique and necessary service to the local developmentally disabled community.

Pegasos Center offers relaxation and rejuvenation via horseback riding and spending time in nature

Pegasos is a place where your dreams come true, and where your love for freedom and nature can be fully unleashed. Isolated from the city and its pollution, on a hill, surrounded by a fantastic view of Sarajevo on one side, and a thick green forest on the other, is where our horses dwell. Always happy to meet people of all ages, they will open a whole new world for you. In that magical oasis you can feel, try or master some of the most beautiful activities in which a man can enjoy. Horses, riding, rock climbing, hiking or an irresistible mix of all, are offered through a range of different activities created to suit everyone.


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Our team

Our horses

  • Ahat Lenkoran

  • Marengo

  • Bay Ladie – Baylie

  • Dexter Converssano

  • Indija Luna

  • Patriot

  • Khali Lenkoran

  • Argo

  • Al Noor Luna

  • Lana

  • Allegra

  • Nivelina

  • Kareem Sabich

  • Amani Donyana De Saltera

  • El Zahra Kadina

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    • Prostor za posjetitelje
    • Konjički dom "Pegasos" - info mjesto
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    • Prostor samo za jahače
    • Štala
    • Rampa za uzjahivanje
    • Arena za jahanje
    • Natkrivena arena za jahanje
    • "Sensory trail" terapijsko jahalište
    • "Round pen" kružna arena
    • Ispust 1a
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    • Ispust 2
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    • Ispust 4